Kerkhoff "Procurement Glossary" Now Available Free of Charge on the Internet

Düsseldorf, May 8, 2012 – From "advanced purchasing" to "bullwhip effect" and all the way to "maverick buying": The ever more complex world of buyers and supply chain managers also brings about an ever more specific language. A maze of words difficult to understand for novices and seasoned professional buyers alike. To cast light on the matter, the purchasing consultancy Kerkhoff Consulting had accordingly published the "Procurement Glossary" in 2011 for iPad and iPhone already (only German). Starting immediately, the dictionary is also available free of charge on the Internet.

The "Procurement Glossary" will help not only novices but also seasoned executives to look up all the important terms and their synonyms within a few seconds and thus be very quickly up-to-date in terms of the language. Moreover, purchasing teams can establish mutual language regulations across all locations and thus further increase precision in communications.

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