Value Analysis - Value Engineering

While the purchase price analysis has its focus on prices, the value analysis is focused on functions. The priorities of functions are to be determined by specific techniques, such as the pareto or ABC analysis. In a next step, the selected functions are allocated – in a matrix – to the corresponding costs. 

It is intended to meet customer requests in the best possible way at lowest possible costs. Concept approaches of value oriented design and also of design to cost are used in this respect. Key to the success is the focus on relevant characteristics and the design optimization. 

Value analysis is genuine team work – between the individual organizational units at the client company and in collaboration with the consulting specialists. Any successful value analysis will therefore need the intensive cooperation of development, purchasing, marketing and production. In this respect, the specialists from Kerkhoff Engineering will provide support through measures of team building and moderation.

Exemplary project contents:

  • Pareto or ABC analysis for prioritization
  • Survey of customer requirements
  • Survey of cost parameters in production / should costing of purchased parts
  • Value oriented design/ design to cost workshops
  • Team building/ moderation of change processes

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