We analyse your existing products in terms of costs and benefits and exploit any potential for improvement.

What we do

Product doctor, technical expert, cost optimiser, yield booster. Our customers have many names for us. To ensure that they are well-prepared for the competitive environment they face, we examine and analyse their products throughout the value chain and scrutinise all the costs. The knowledge gained is not something we keep to ourselves. We work with our customers to develop new skills and interlink the core functions in the organisations so that the organisations' own employees can carry this improvement process forward on a continuous basis. Why do we do this? Easy: We aim to ensure that our customers are successful with cost-benefit-optimised products.

Our products

The range of services we offer is quickly explained. Because essentially we have just one promise for you: We will make your existing products fit for the market. More than 30 tried-and-tested methods and processes, a large and agile team of product, design and production experts, cost engineering software developed in-house, a wealth of know-how gained in the course of the company's 20-year history, a good pinch of informality and a strong down-to-earth attitude are behind this promise. This is what our mostly medium-sized customers value. You can gain an insight into our approach here:

Optimisation of production costs for products in series production

Potential: 11% on average

Our focus is on lowering production costs in order to improve the short and medium-term operating result. We work intensively with the sales, product management, design/development, purchasing and production departments in order to exploit the greatest possible potential.

We proceed in three stages:

  1. Scoping: We identify the leverage with the greatest savings potential.
  2. Analysis of potential: We develop tangible measures to optimise production costs in terms of material, design and process.
  3. Implementation: We implement these measures together with you and implement them in the product management, design, purchasing and production departments.

Cost-oriented product development

Potential: 28% on average

We combine the needs of your customers with production cost targets. We apply methods such as design thinking, value analysis and DFA. We ensure a cost-optimised product structure with the benefits for the customer in mind.

With the consistent application of target costing, we create transparency and fact-based decision-making tools for the entire development process. This allows you to keep production costs under control right from the development stage and, at the same time, integrate newly acquired knowledge into your standard workflows.

Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing has increasingly established itself as a technology in recent years. In addition to the conventional applications in prototype construction, the process is also used in after-sales, tool construction, individualised series production (medical technology) and in series production of small parts with unit numbers of up to 1000.

For many of our customers the question is whether the introduction of such technology is beneficial. We evaluate your parts range quickly and accurately to assess whether a change will pay off immediately or strategically when it comes to the costs of implementing 3D printing technology. For the potential we identify, we develop tailor-made concepts for implementation in cooperation with you.

Organisational Development Cost Engineering

We want to sustainably optimise your product costs and set you up securely for the future. We do this in a systematic manner and also consider the interaction and integration of your individual departments, such as sales, product management, design/development, purchasing and production. We develop the necessary know-how in your company and enable you to act independently with newly acquired knowledge - with the help of technical specialists as well as methodology and technology experts. The organisational development is supported by our school of excellence, in which the necessary know-how is developed in all departments. We will act as a mentor and provide specific training for all the necessary skills and methods.

Our key sectors

  • Machine, plant and vehicle construction
  • Automation and drive technology
  • Electrical engineering
  • Medical engineering
  • Automotive
  • Construction and building engineering
  • Consumer products

Overview in 3 Minutes: See what you can expect from us!

Product Cost Calculation

Please click on the "play button" above to find out how we calculate product costs. Within three minutes, you will get a good impression of the services you can expect from our engineering experts.

Service Calculation

You want transparency about what certain services or processes actually do cost or "should" cost? Kerkhoff Engineering consultants break down the individual processes into their component parts and calculate the value of services. A click on the "play button" below will provide you with a good impression of what a joint project might look like.

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