2019 - Top Consultant
Manager Magazin

Kerkhoff Consulting and Kerkhoff Cost Engineering are receiving the TOP CONSULTANT award yet again and are consequently counted among the best SME consultants in Germany.

104 out of the 137 participants were awarded the coveted quality seal this year. The Kerkhoff Group has thus made it into the ranks of the top consultants twice over.

The competition, which is being held for the tenth time, is organised by the Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Management und Beratung [Scientific Society for Management and Consulting - WGMB] on behalf of compamedia. Based on a scientific customer survey, the review is a reliable guide for SMEs when searching for consultants. We would like to extend our warmest congratulations to Kerkhoff Consulting and Kerkhoff Cost Engineering for winning the award and are delighted to receive such positive feedback from our customers!

2018 - Best of Consulting



Kerkhoff Cost Engineering was once again honored with the "Best of Consulting" award of the WirtschaftsWoche. In the Supply Chain Management category, the production cost optimizers from Düsseldorf convinced with a modernization project at Germany's largest real estate company.

The aim of the award-winning project was to implement fast and cost-optimized retrofitting with elevator systems in existing properties through standardization and modularization. To this end, the housing company was enabled to help shape existing market offers with its own concepts and to implement these on the market. The company now acts as a development partner and develops solutions hand in hand with the trades involved.  Through lean management approaches and supply chain optimization, both construction site time and the overall duration of the modernization were reduced to a minimum. This not only lowered the costs of retrofitting, but also significantly reduced the impact of conversion work on tenants.

For the ninth time already, WirtschaftsWoche has presented the renowned award to Germany's best management consultants. On the basis of qualitative and quantitative criteria, a jury with professional experience evaluates the customer benefit of the submitted projects. Aspects such as the technical dimension, impact on the operating result, feasibility and customer satisfaction are taken into account.

2018 - Top Consultant
Manager Magazin


At this year's Top Consultant Award we were - as in many other competitions - represented several times and can now again count ourselves among the best in the consulting industry!

The Kerkhoff Group entered the race with three subsidiaries - Kerkhoff Cost Engineering, Kerkhoff Consulting and Kerkhoff Indirect Procurement - and was awarded three times.

The award is based on a customer survey in which professionalism, competence and, of course, satisfied customers are the central criteria. These are precisely the fields in which we feel strong and which are of enormous importance for our customers. The competition was launched in 2010 and has since served medium-sized companies as a reliable orientation aid in the complex consulting market. A big thank you to our customers!

2017 - Best of Consulting



2nd place for Kerkhoff Cost Engineering in the Supply Chain Management category - Kerkhoff Cost Engineering received the “Best of Consulting for SME Consulting” Award from WirtschaftsWoche.

For the eighth time, the winners of the popular Best of Consulting competition received their prizes at the celebratory awards ceremony in Düsseldorf. Kerkhoff Cost Engineering cut a successful figure with its project at Vonovia, Germany’s largest real estate group.

The goal of the extensive design-to-cost project for balconies was to improve the appeal even of older residential properties. Engineers and commercial consulting experts developed and compared competing technical solutions and different procurement concepts. As part of the optimisation programme, an efficient procurement process was sustainably established by means of a digitalised Procurement 4.0 solution.

According to their weighting in the total price, the cost drivers of balcony components were based on market indices, which can nowadays be refreshed and updated using software. Market changes, such as material and labour costs, can therefore be automatically calculated into the product price. “Transparency and fairness have created a mutual sense of security between customers and suppliers, so there’s no longer any need to hold negotiations every year,” said Managing Directors Jochen Wilms and Dominik Leisinger.

In the project competition, client benefits are evaluated through qualitative and quantitative criteria. An academic advisory board submits project descriptions and the results of customer surveys to the jury. The jury is comprised of a WirtschaftsWoche editor in chief, scientific advisers and several decision makers with consultancy experience from major German companies, whose competencies include the procurement of consultancy services.

The jury evaluates every project’s client benefits by using the following criteria:

  • Engineering dimension: Creativity, analytic contribution, methodical contribution, market and industry knowledge
  • Communicative dimension: Reputation, networking, moderation, capacity for team work and project management
  • Effects in reality: Effects on operating results, feasibility as well as own realisation contribution and significance
  • Customer satisfaction

Every member of the jury makes an individual evaluation, and the average of all project grades of all jury members makes up the overall result regarding project success.

2017 - Top Consultant

Manager Magazin


With a clear plea for Europe, the former Federal President Christian Wulff awarded the best German consultants. Great news for the Düsseldorf Kerkhoff Group: Not just one, but two companies of the Group received awards in the nationwide consultant comparison with the sought-after “Top Consultant 2017” seal.

“In business, there is no better vote than that of the customer” With these words, Wulff highlighted the significance of these awards. He expanded: “The management consultants, the organisational developers, the human resource consultant, the technical advisors, the IT consultants – without this continuously growing network which creates an increasing number of jobs in Germany, the economy would resemble a cyclist that falls over as soon as he stops pedalling.” Wulff also voiced a desire to see more and better consultancy services in politics.



2016 - Top Consultant

Manager Magazin


In a nationwide comparison of consultancies, Kerkhoff Consulting and Kerkhoff Cost Engineering were bestowed the award "Top Consultant" in the categories Management Consultant and Technical Consultant. Merely few consultancies from five categories had qualified – with good or excellent assessments for the award – which is based on assessments by clients.

For the supply chain specialists of Kerkhoff Consulting, this is already the fourth consecutive award as Top Consultant. At the same time, clients of Kerkhoff Cost Engineering also assessed correspondingly positively its technical consulting services in the areas of cost calculation and value engineering.This year Kerkhoff Cost Engineering received the award the second time in a row.

"Top Consultant" examines the participants' consulting performance based on a comprehensive procedure with the emphasis on client satisfaction, performance and professionalism of the consultants. The seal which is intended to offer orientation for SMBs in the consultancy jungle is being awarded for the seventh time already. As mentor of the consultancy competition, Germany's former Federal President, Christian Wulff, honored Kerkhoff Consulting GmbH and Kerkhoff Cost Engineering GmbH at the German SMB Summit in Essen on June 26.

Mit dem Siegel TOP CONSULTANT wurden nun zum siebten Mal die besten Berater ausgezeichnet. Auf Basis einer wissenschaftlich fundierten Kundenbefragung ermittelten Prof. Dr. Dietmar Fink von der Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg und Bianka Knoblach die Beratungsunternehmen, denen von Kunden ein besonders hohes Maß an Professionalität und Leistung bestätigt wird. Nur die Unternehmen, die eine solche Kundenzufriedenheit und die Spezialisierung auf den deutschen Mittelstand vorweisen können, schafften es auch 2016 in die Reihe der TOP CONSULTANTS.

„Mittelständische Unternehmen erwarten, dass Berater mit ihnen auf Augenhöhe kommunizieren und individuelle Lösungen für ihre spezifischen Herausforderungen erarbeiten“, sagt Prof. Dr. Dietmar Fink, „die TOP CONSULTANTS zeigen sehr eindrucksvoll, dass sie den Wünschen ihrer Kunden gerecht werden und auch über den Tellerrand blicken. Im unüberschaubaren Beraterdschungel erhalten die Kunden durch das TOP CONSULTANT-Siegel eine Orientierung, auf die sie vertrauen können.“

2015 - Top Consultant

manager magazin


Supply Chain Consultancy Kerkhoff Consulting and Engineering Consultancy Kerkhoff Cost Engineering are Top Consultant 2015 and as consultancies especially suitable for small and medium-sized businesses

In a nationwide comparison of consultancies, Kerkhoff Cost Engineering and Kerkhoff Consulting and were bestowed the award "Top Consultant" in the categories Management Consultant and Technical Consultant. Merely 57 consultancies from five categories had qualified – with good or excellent assessments – for the award which is based on assessments by clients.

Clients of Kerkhoff Cost Engineering assessed correspondingly positively its technical consulting services in the areas of cost calculation and value engineering.

Dirk Schäfer, Chairman of the Management Board of Kerkhoff Consulting GmbH, says: "Although the satisfaction of our clients is the most important reward for us, this renewed award as SMB consultancy makes us very proud. The award for Kerkhoff Cost Engineering as Top Consultant in the category Technical Consultant and the associated assessment that our convincing services speak the language of the German SMB sector further motivate us and spur us on in the team of 'consultants in overalls'."

Entscheidend für den Erfolg bei dem wissenschaftlich fundierten Benchmarking ist eine kundengerechte, mittelstandsorientierte Beratungsleistung. Diese wurde von Prof. Dr. Dietmar Fink von der Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg und Bianka Knoblach überprüft. Beide leiten die Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Management und Beratung (WGMB). Im Rahmen der Analyse wurden jeweils zehn Referenzkunden der Bewerber nach ihrer Zufriedenheit mit dem jeweiligen Unternehmen befragt und die Performance und Beratungsleistung geprüft. Mentor des Wettbewerbs ist Bundespräsident a. D. Christian Wulff. Mehr Informationen erhalten Sie unter www.top-consultant.de

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