Cost structure analyses

Buyers, designers, controllers, quality assurers, value analysts or corporate leaders – all those involved will be provided with new findings as a valuable basis for vital corporate decisions; the findings are a consequence of not only the transparency resulting from the breakdown and assessment of products, components or even processes, but also of the action scenarios which we are able to calculate by means of software simulations. 

The central question is: What does a product in production really cost or a service offer for that matter; and what are the starting points for savings on the basis of value analysis approaches. Consultants disclose contribution margins which deviate from calculations so far. This is used for the realization of good negotiation results, the calculation of a cost-effective and competitive market price or also, for example, for answering questions about the economically most efficient production location.

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Product Cost Calculation

Please click on the "play button" above to find out how we calculate product costs. Within three minutes, you will get a good impression of the services you can expect from our engineering experts.

Service Calculation

You want transparency about what certain services or processes actually do cost or "should" cost? Kerkhoff Engineering consultants break down the individual processes into their component parts and calculate the value of services. A click on the "play button" below will provide you with a good impression of what a joint project might look like.

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