Kerkhoff Cost Engineering: Identify Cost Drivers – Realize Savings Potentials

Lean management and holistic production systems – Kerkhoff Cost Engineering has developed a holistic and systemic consulting approach which ties in the client's staff and fully exploits lean concepts. A lean organization, lean processes and avoiding wastefulness are only some of the objectives which are realized by the Kerkhoff production system. Moreover, engineers and production specialists from Kerkhoff Cost Engineering break down products and components as well as processes for commercial and technical assessments. The central question is: What does a product really cost in production, or a service offer for that matter; and what are the starting points for savings from value-analysis methods? Our consultants provide the necessary Transparency and uncover the contribution margin. This is used for the realization of good negotiating results, or for the calculation of a viable and competitive market price or also, for example, for answering the question about the most economically efficient production location.

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